OpenCloud is a Java library for generating and managing tag clouds, similar to those found in many websites. The aim of the project is to provide an easy to use library, but versatile enough to be used in various applications.

Basically the user inserts words or word/link pairs into the cloud and sets the parameters that control its structure, such as the number of tags composing the cloud, the weight range, the type of ordering etc. Then the library assigns a weight to each tag based on its frequency (or score) and gives back the resulting list of weighted tags. The appearence of the cloud can be controlled through HTML/CSS instructions inside the JSPs or using the provided formatter class.

The tag cloud is intended to be used also as a knowledge management tool, for example to get a quick visualisation of the main topics of a document. Hence there are methods to extract tags from a generic text and to filter unwanted words according to a dictionary.

Your feedback is very appreciated and will help to improve the library. If you encounters any problem, or want to request a feature or just want to make a comment, feel free to post a message on the forum.

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